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Hypnotherapy & Counselling 

By Litza

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What is Hypnotherapy & Counselling?

Hypnotherapy aims to influence the subconscious mind in the form of focused relaxation in a calming environment. First, your hypnotherapist will bypass your conscious mind and reach your subconscious. In this state, Hypnotherapy can be used to send you to your happy place and feel extremely tranquil. Hypnotherapy can help with a number of different mental health issues, as well as removing bad habits, such as smoking. 

Counselling targets conscious experiences such as thoughts and feelings, performed with respect, empathy and listening. It allows an individual to get real human interaction and have a genuinely unique source of support. Counselling is not only used to fight a range of psychological issues like depression, grief and anxiety, but it can also be used for relationship problems, difficult life events and behavioural problems. 

There are many techniques and methods out there that can be used for Hypnotherapy & Counselling. However, research and experience have consistently demonstrated that it is the relationship between the therapist and the patient that makes therapy most effective. 

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